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Custom Embroidered Camo Hats

Regardless of what styles come and go during the years, one thing always remains in fashion: camouflage.  From its humble beginnings in early human history of providing tactical advantage to soldiers during wartime to the fashion statement that camo makes in the present day, one thing is for certain: camo is both functional and fashionable. 

Custom camo hats from Southern Advertising provide a fashionable functionality that really makes a statement.  A custom embroidered camo hat can make a great client gift for companies that have fishing and hunting retreats, or for companies that offer hunting and fishing excursions as a service. 

If you are a hunting guide, custom camouflage hats not only make great gifts for clients, but they also help to get the word out about your business long after the client leaves the hunting grounds. 

Maybe you’re a fishing guide and you want to raise your business’s profile.  A custom camo hat from Southern Advertising, whether worn by you or your clien…

“5 places a Custom Duffel Bag is Better than a Regular One”

Ah, the duffel bag. Who doesn’t love a good duffel bag? They are strong, durable, long-lasting, and able to carry anything you may need. Whether you need to carry a computer, your bathing suit and flip flops or your sweaty gym clothes, duffel bags are great on-the-go solutions. In the bag world, there seems to be no bag better than the duffel bag. But please don’t be fooled. There is one that trumps a regular duffel bag. Behold customized duffel bags! 

Custom duffel bags are an excellent option for any business looking to increase their brand recognition, increase company visibility outside of the office and engage in free advertising.  Adding your company’s unique logo to a high-quality custom duffel bag allows for your brand to be seen around the world. Southern Advertising has a variety of options to customize duffel bags with no minimum. Here are our Top 5 Places A Custom Duffel Bag is Better Than A Regular One.

1.    The Gym - It is well known that healthy and happy employees a…