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How do I buy commercial door mats online?

This week I am going to outline the process and the benefits of buying commercial door mats online. sells both custom logo mats and commercial door mats online and has sold them for 12 years as an integral part of our offering for business's and organizations thru out North America. This week we are focusing on commercial door mats vs custom logo mats as next week I will go over custom logo mats and the process and benefits of this product.

Commercial door mats are used for many reasons in all kinds of business and organizations. 
Dirt and dust controlSlipping and falling Anti- Fatigue Point of purchaseEntry mats
To order online we make it very easy and painless to do. Several of the issues we have tried to overcome when ordering online is to offer free shipping and make the order process very clear and not confusing. Basically, if you know the following:
What size you needChoosing the colorAdding the quantity Once you add these 3 minimal points you checkout and pay. Ho…