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Building Relationships with Your Key Customers - How are you doing?

Having been in business for many years has gotten me to read, study, and listen to others for ways to improve our customer experience.  With each tidbit of knowledge, I have tried several strategies to build better relationships with our customers.  The results have been GREAT at some points and only OK at other points...but they have never been fully what I originally envisioned. This is a creative and challenging part of the marketing process, and as a result, it requires a considerable amount of time and resources.  Recently, I recognized many shortcomings in our company's approach, and I think ultimately it was the result of arrogance as well as thinking we really had things figured out.  The approach we had for many years was:

“We are the experts at what we do and a trusted resource for your branded products - in some sense, we are the best at what we do!”...or what some would call hubris...

Thankfully, a friend introduced me to a book named “Key Account Management” by ?? whi…

Custom Flex Fit Hats in Review - A Humble Perspective

Custom flex fit hats over the last several years have seen a trajectory that is off the charts. Diving in and giving a humble opinion on why and how to sort through the maze is what this article will attempt to do.
Most customers looking for a Flex Fit style hat are prone to a particular brand like YuPoong or the Original FLEXFIT name. Other brands to consider are NEW ERA, Richardson and Pacific Headwear. You cannot go wrong with the quality of any one of these - what distinguishes one from another has more to do with fabrics and features.  For example, if you are wanting a high-end performance fabric with all the bells & whistles, Pacific Headwear or Richardson is the way to go.  If you need a solid color, good quality the Original FLEXFIT is the perfect “fit”.  NEW ERA is the official hat for Major League Baseball and thus, the quality is very high.

As an alternative, there are a couple not so well known Flex Fit style hats that offer a good quality feel, have some performance fab…