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Flexfit Customized Caps

Caps have been a part of Americana apparel since their inception more than 150 years ago with the birth of baseball. Since then, caps have gone through many design iterations that have progressively improved in durability, functionality, and comfort.
In the last few decades the cap has spread far beyond baseball teams and is now worn off the field by
many more people, even in the professional world. People wear them for all sorts of reasons – to block the sun, show support for a team, promote a brand, or cover up a bad hair day. All the years of trials, errors, and breakthroughs have led us to the most advanced cap yet – the Flexfit cap.

Find the Perfect Fit When it comes to caps, the fit is extremely important. Fitted caps that are sized exactly to fit the circumference of the wearer’s head became popular quickly because they eliminated the need for the adjustable snap tab in the back, but fitted caps had their drawbacks. The fit could be off slightly with no way to adjust it, re…

5 Places Where Customized Apparel is a Great Idea

Logos seem to be on just about everything these days, and for good reason. It’s an effective way to promote a brand. One popular place to put a company logo is on customized apparel.

While corporate logo apparel is a smart way to use your marketing dollars, there are times and places where it can really be beneficial beyond being a shirt on your back. Here’s our picks for the top 5 places you definitely want to make sure your employees are decked out in company logo apparel.

Conventions/TradeshowsTradeshows and conventions are hands down the best place to sport logo wear for your company. These events are all about getting your brand out there and doing business. Not only are they great pieces of customized apparel for your employees to wear, they also make great swag to hand out to
convention attendees. With quality, custom logo wear, visitors are sure to remember your company long after the tradeshow is over.

What to Wear: The type of tradeshow you’re attending and the kind of poten…