Flexfit Customized Caps

customized caps
customized caps
Caps have been a part of Americana apparel since their inception more than 150 years ago with the birth of baseball. Since then, caps have gone through many design iterations that have progressively improved in durability, functionality, and comfort.
In the last few decades the cap has spread far beyond baseball teams and is now worn off the field by
many more people, even in the professional world. People wear them for all sorts of reasons – to block the sun, show support for a team, promote a brand, or cover up a bad hair day. All the years of trials, errors, and breakthroughs have led us to the most advanced cap yet – the Flexfit cap.

Find the Perfect Fit

When it comes to caps, the fit is extremely important. Fitted caps that are sized exactly to fit the circumference of the wearer’s head became popular quickly because they eliminated the need for the adjustable snap tab in the back, but fitted caps had their drawbacks. The fit could be off slightly with no way to adjust it, rendering the cap all but useless. There’s also the issue of a hat that fits perfectly when it’s bought, but overtime becomes stretched out or shrinks in the wash. On the other hand, too exact a fit can begin to feel tight and uncomfortable after hours of wear.
Flexfit caps were created to address the problems of fitted caps with the same look but more forgiving flexibility. They come in multiple size options, but it’s the poly-weave spandex sweatband inside that snuggly fits the cap to the head. This patented design wraps the cap comfortably around the entire crown for the most superior fit possible. Features include:
  • Poly-weave spandex sweatband that creates a snug fit.
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable.
  • Permacurve technology ensuring the bill keeps its shape and curve.

Today, Flexfit caps are the go-to headwear for professional sports teams, athletes and major corporations.

Customized Caps with Your Company Logo

For business owners and marketers who are promoting a brand, Flexfit customized caps make a great canvas. Custom baseball caps are embroidered in the front with logs and designs for a completely personalized look. The result is a custom embroidered cap with all the great benefits of the Flexfit technology.

Where to Buy: Southern Advertising

Why: Southern Advertising is currently offering discounts of up to 12% on bulk orders of custom Flexfit logo caps and free shipping on all orders. Customers can choose between two cap styles and get up to 8500 stitches per custom corporate logo.


  1. Really love the color combination and designing compatibility of this cap.
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