5 Places Where Customized Apparel is a Great Idea

Logos seem to be on just about everything these days, and for good reason. It’s an effective way to promote a brand. One popular place to put a company logo is on customized apparel.

Customized ApparelWhile corporate logo apparel is a smart way to use your marketing dollars, there are times and places where it can really be beneficial beyond being a shirt on your back. Here’s our picks for the top 5 places you definitely want to make sure your employees are decked out in company logo apparel.


company logo shirtsTradeshows and conventions are hands down the best place to sport logo wear for your company. These events are all about getting your brand out there and doing business. Not only are they great pieces of customized apparel for your employees to wear, they also make great swag to hand out to
convention attendees. With quality, custom logo wear, visitors are sure to remember your company long after the tradeshow is over.

What to Wear: The type of tradeshow you’re attending and the kind of potential clients you are likely to interact with should influence the corporate logo wear you go with. Anything from simple corporate logo shirts to custom polo shirts to logo caps can be appropriate.

Charity Events

corporate logo apparelMany companies love to give back to their communities and other charitable organizations. If your company has a philanthropic arm that participates in charity work this is a great opportunity to unite
your employees with company logo apparel.

What to Wear: These events often call for customized apparel that’s a little more formal. Custom made dress shirts and custom golf shirts are a great option.

Company Sports Team Events

If you have a company softball team, kickball team or even a few employees that participate in sporting events like marathons, logo wear is an excellent way to boost the team spirit. Many articles of company logo wear lend themselves well to company team uniforms and it’s a fun way to show off your brand to spectators.

What to Wear: Custom logo embroidery can be added not only to customized t shirts, athletic shirts and jackets but also custom baseball caps worn by the players.

Company Picnics and Outings

Getting out of the office for a team-building event or just want to relax with your employees? Now is
the time to really bring everyone together with company logo apparel.

What to Wear: With these events customized apparel can be more relaxed and less 9-to-5. Offer employees the choice to choose from apparel like custom tank tops, custom logo t- shirts and custom athletic shirts.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a perfect time to don company logo apparel or give it as a gift for employees. If you plan to take a company picture for your website or a holiday card this is the perfect time to get everyone looking sharp with high-end apparel that features custom logo embroidery.
corporate logo shirts
What to Wear: Everyone likes free custom embroidered shirts, but if you are wearing the logo apparel to a nice restaurant, upscale venue or for a company photo, it might be best to opt for something a little more formal like custom made dress shirts.

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