Promotional Products- Quality vs Cheap

When purchasing promotional apparel and items, It is always important to consider what the quality of the item says about your brand.  Some cheap items - while useful to fit a budget -  will reflect in a very negative way for your brand if the situation demands higher quality.  You should always ask the question, "Does this product represent who we are and what we want to communicate about our brand?"
Here are some pros and cons to varying levels of promotional items

High Quality/Cost Promotional Products

  • Great for employee reward or VIP customer gifts
  • Communicate High Value of your brand
  • Great for building strong relationships
  • Often can be done at lower minimum quantities

  • High-quality items generally always have higher price points
  • Not always cost effective for large scale giveaways/events

Budget/Affordable Promotional Products

  • Great for mass giveaways such as tradeshows and marketing events where this level of giveaway is very common
  • Lower cost means more bang for your buck in terms of quantity and cost per item
  • Wide variety of items to fit any budget

  • Can communicate poorly about your brand if item is of poor quality
  • Often the cheapest items won’t be kept, meaning less marketing reach over the long term

Juggling budgets, quantities, and deadlines can be a tedious and time-consuming process when you are preparing to purchase any branded items. This is a great reason to give us a call for any upcoming needs, whether they are 6 weeks or 6 months away - our sales reps can discuss your needs in depth and provide the best options from preferred manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best quality for your budget. As always you can go to our site for more product information and request quotes: Logotoyou


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