What is the difference between unstructured VS structured custom caps

So what is the difference between unstructured vs structured caps? 

Many of our customers over the years have asked this question and its a very good one. There are basically two different options with a little variation occasionally in mix of things. 

1) Unstructured 6-panel cap

2) Structured 6-panel cap

Unstructured 6-Panel Cap:

An unstructured custom cap is a cap that does not have a hard internal structure. An unstructured custom cap does not have this firm structure and so it will not hold its shape when it is not being worn. If you look at an unstructured cap when it is laying flat on a table or other surface you will notice that it sort of flops over and lays almost flat.

Image result for unstructured capImage result for unstructured capImage result for unstructured cap
The above are images of caps that are unstructured and here are some links of caps that we have on our site that unstructured:



Structured 6-panel cap

With a constructed cap, the crown is stable and molded into a shape. A constructed custom cap is one that uses full construction when the front of the crown is being made. The front of the crown is located directly above the visor of the cap. The shape is created using buckram a firm fabric lining that adds additional support to the front of the cap. These types of caps are known for keeping their shape and composure during multiple uses. 

Image result for structured capsImage result for structured caps
Image result for structured caps

Above are structured caps and below are links of custom caps from our website:



In the end, it comes down to choice and which style of cap you prefer to wear. Some people like both and will order some of each and other are more diehard and will fight over it. In the end, it comes down to comfort and which one you like to wear but always remember people take custom caps very seriously and they will always have opinions! Our customers tell us is they like unstructured hats over structured because they say they are more comfortable and for structured they tell us is they like structured hats over unstructured because they display their logo better


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge..! This custom caps is the best thing that happened to me. I feel in love with it so much, especially when I presented it to my boyfriend as a gift. he was so happy with this.


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