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Trade Show Giveaways: Top 5 Unique Products to help ROI (Part-1)

I have attended many trade shows over the 25 years that spans my sales life. For the last 16 years, I have served as president of Southern Advertising, and prior to that, I was in the uniform rental business. During my time in the uniform rental business, we attended many years of trade shows. To be honest, I did not fully appreciate how much they contributed to my sales as well as the networking that resulted in the contacts I made during those shows. We primarily attended maintenance and engineering shows here in Greenville, SC. There were always technology shows going on at the same time, and we got plenty of companies that would come in and visit from that. 

Being someone on the ground floor of attending these events, my success hinged on giveaways for many reasons. The first reason was attracting the right people to our booth so we could introduce our company and what we could provide for them. The second, and the most important is giving away something that is unique and will giv…

Custom Polo Shirts - The real truth about ordering online!

There are many reasons people order custom polo shirts online vs working with a local company to buy embroidered polos and I would like to explore both sides of the issue.

When you buy locally, your sales representative is able to make a personal impression and normally can build trust quickly.  Additionally, you are most likely helping a local business in your community. There can be a perception that a local company has a better ability for a quick turnaround or running short quantity runs at a reasonable price.
When you buy custom polo shirts online, your sales representative many times will have more knowledge of the best options available.  Allow me to explain … being online forces a company to constantly seek out the best values - there is a competitiveness that typically does not exist locally.  Another factor to consider is an online company can have a greater customer diversity which results in a better ability to recommend the proper polo shirt based on the customer’s busines…

Which Custom Camo Hats are best or does it really matter?

Being from the south I have grown up with friends and family with different camo personalities. Some people think if you are not wearing mossy oak then you are somehow lesser of a person and others in the middle and others really don't care. Selling custom camo hats for 16 years I have to say in the end it's a personal choice and many times a matter of functionality.  Here are the 3 main types of custom camo patterns usually customers look for in custom hats.

Licensed Camo

Military or digital camo

Non-licensed camo

I will go into each one share a little bit of info about each.

Licensed camo would be a camo pattern that is designed and patented to replicate it you must a license to do so. We can resell the material if we buy it from a manufacturer that has a license and thus given the right to sell to distributors. Some major license are mossy oak, real tree, kryptic, oil field and several others. I assume that wearing th…

Screenprinted caps vs Embroidered hats: An honest comparison

Every customer has different needs in regards to screenprinted or embroidered hats...

In some cases screenprinted caps may be a better option than embroidered hats and here is why:
Increase the colors that can be printed Small detail can be replicated betterPricing can be much lower4 color process can be achieved 

In some cases embroidered hats may be a better fit than screenprinted caps and here is why:
Event dates(rush orders) can be met easierHigher quality appearanceMore options of caps to choose fromCrisper and sharper imagesMore durableMore Professional look

The Cons:
Embroidered Hats: More expensiveLess detail can be accomplishedScreenprinted Caps: Lower overall qualityLess expensive lookDurability is not as goodLess options of capsBelow on the left is a Screenprinted Cap and right is embroidered hats:

Even though there are a few reasons customer tend to go the printed route such as budget or too much detail in the logo quality and professionalism generally rule the day!

If you would l…