Custom Polo Shirts - The real truth about ordering online!

There are many reasons people order custom polo shirts online vs working with a local company to buy embroidered polos and I would like to explore both sides of the issue.

When you buy locally, your sales representative is able to make a personal impression and normally can build trust quickly.  Additionally, you are most likely helping a local business in your community. There can be a perception that a local company has a better ability for a quick turnaround or running short quantity runs at a reasonable price.

When you buy custom polo shirts online, your sales representative many times will have more knowledge of the best options available.  Allow me to explain … being online forces a company to constantly seek out the best values - there is a competitiveness that typically does not exist locally.  Another factor to consider is an online company can have a greater customer diversity which results in a better ability to recommend the proper polo shirt based on the customer’s business and purpose.  In terms of turnaround time, this ties in with the competitiveness mentioned above - meaning, most online companies are accustomed to “rush orders” - in fact, this can comprise more than 50% of the orders processed.  With today’s instant gratification culture, an online company must be ready to meet the customer where they are in terms of immediacy.

Either local or online we practice the time-honored tradition of providing samples for custom polo shirts! Providing size runs to make sure the shirt fits your staff correctly is imperative and if an embroidery company is worth its salt it would make every attempt to send these out. Other factors are shipping cost which online can charge hefty sums for this but local will generally deliver for free.

One thing to be cautious of when ordering custom polo shirts through the digital realm is to ALWAYS make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not oranges to apples. Many times unscrupulous companies will not be transparent and try to sell you embroidery that is substandard or a lesser quality polo that is lower priced just to get the business.

We always strive to be very transparent and make every effort in the proofing process to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want and we take great pains to make this happen. Another great benefit is having the ability to do direct embroidery in-house and not outsource the process. Many companies do this and you should always check and verify the company has its own equipment and does its own embroidery. Here is a short video of our embroidery operation to get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.



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