Screenprinted caps vs Embroidered hats: An honest comparison

Every customer has different needs in regards to screenprinted or embroidered hats...

In some cases screenprinted caps may be a better option than embroidered hats and here is why:

  • Increase the colors that can be printed 
  • Small detail can be replicated better
  • Pricing can be much lower
  • 4 color process can be achieved 

In some cases embroidered hats may be a better fit than screenprinted caps and here is why:

  • Event dates(rush orders) can be met easier
  • Higher quality appearance
  • More options of caps to choose from
  • Crisper and sharper images
  • More durable
  • More Professional look

The Cons:

Embroidered Hats:
  • More expensive
  • Less detail can be accomplished
Screenprinted Caps:
  • Lower overall quality
  • Less expensive look
  • Durability is not as good
  • Less options of caps
Below on the left is a Screenprinted Cap and right is embroidered hats:

Even though there are a few reasons customer tend to go the printed route such as budget or too much detail in the logo quality and professionalism generally rule the day!

If you would like to see a sample of either option(printed or embroidered), please contact me at 



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