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Custom Accessories for Every Activity

People use all types of accessories for everyday activities, and many times it’s easy for things to get lost or for items to become mistakenly possessed by others.  Kids can mistake a friend’s beach towel for their own.  Smokers often forget that borrowed lighter is not theirs.

To counter these sort of mix-ups, people often use a permanent marker as a means of claiming possession of items if and when they do venture out of sight, but it’s an unsightly way to personalize most anything except for a pair of socks or underwear.

Customizing items with a monogram, logo, or full name is a great way to tell the world “that’s mine”, and if it’s done by a professional embroiderer, it looks so much better than the permanent marker.

The following items make great customizable gifts sure to please friends, family, employees, and business contacts:

Custom Aprons

custom apronsFor grill masters, kitchen queens, and servers alike, the apron is a necessity.  Why not take it to the next level with a custom apron?  Ladies, if your man loves spending time grilling steaks, chicken,
fish, lobster, hot dogs, or burgers, a customized apron with his name embroidered on it makes a great gift and he’s sure to think of you next time he fires up the grill and puts it on.  And men, if your lady spends hours in the kitchen cooking up food for you to enjoy, an apron with her name on it says you really appreciate what she does to make meals that you love to eat.  Restaurateurs who are looking to build up their business can’t deny that branding matters, and custom embroidered aprons with the company logo can go a long way in helping customers remember your restaurant’s logo when you disperse them out to your servers to wear on a daily basis.   

Custom Blankets

Custom blankets can make great gifts for just about anyone who ever uses a blanket.  This should include just about every human who has ever lived.  Babies and small children who receive such a customized gift are sure to cherish it for years to come, even to the point that it one day becomes an heirloom which they pass down to their own children.  A blanket embroidered with a monogram is a great gift for the elderly, or for anyone who keeps a blanket near the couch for snuggly nights in front of the television or fireplace.  

Custom Beach Towels

Known as the workhorse of the towel family, the beach towel goes through a lot.  It’s taken to many places from the pool to the campgrounds, from the lake to the ocean, from the bench to the boat.  It’s stepped on, laid on, sat on, thrown in the sand, and thrown in the dirt.  A custom beach towel is a great gift and helps avoid mistaken possession by others when a long day in the sun can sometimes wear us out to the point that when it’s time to go, we just grab things and put them in the car without really looking at them.  A custom towel can mean the difference between your friend ending up with your towel, or you ending up with your towel at the end of the day.

Custom Golf Towels

custom golf towelsVery few enthusiasts take the personalization of their gear more serious than golfers.  From the balls to the club covers, the bags to the very shirts they wear, golfers are notorious for customizing every piece of gear that accompanies them on the links.  Custom golf towels are no exception, and they provide that extra bit of personalization to a golf outing when attached to a personalized golf bag.    

About the Author: Southern Advertising specializes in customized apparel and accessories for businesses and individuals.  Whether as gifts or marketing devices, their products can make otherwise everyday items really stand out.  Their inventory can be viewed at


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