Customized T-Shirts for Women

While the differences between the sexes are generally obvious (yet still pondered by humans since history began), it’s not always reflected in society as it should be.  Women have a unique shape, and they are well aware of it.  So is the fashion industry, which makes billions of dollars annually by capitalizing on this simple fact.  As obvious as these differences are, not everyone caters to them as they probably should. 

Many companies with a co-ed staff simply have company apparel in 3 or 4 different sizes, with no regard to the unique differences in anatomy between the sexes.  This “few sizes fits all” attitude usually caters to the average adult male, leaving female employees no choice but to wear company shirts that are not sized to their uniquely shaped bodies. 

Companies like Gildan, Hanes, and Port Authority are changing all that.  With a variety of styles and colors, Southern Advertising offers logo shirts for women that actually fit them properly, inspiring confidence on the job and making a great impression on customers.

With great deals on both bulk and individual shirts, Southern Ad makes it easy for business owners to get clean looking custom apparel for employees while catering to the differences between their genders. 

Southern Advertising’s inventory of womens custom t-shirts can be viewed and purchased online at


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