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Which material is best for me? Custom Performance Shirts Unraveled

With the rise in popularity of performance material of the last several years, suppliers have stepped up their game when it comes to comfort! There is no doubt that today's material is much better from a comfort and durability aspect.  Today I will try to outline as many different types of materials as possible and show you what you can expect from each as we get many customers asking which custom performance shirts would be the best choice.

Below is a list of the most popular brands we sell:
Nike Golf Sports Tek Cutter & Buck OGIO Callaway
Terminology can also be a bit tricky as well:

The purpose of the inner layer is to draw the sweat away from the skin to the next layers, which makes the wearer feel warmer and more comfortable. The transfer ofmoisturehappens due to capillary action, sometimes calledwicking. The used materials are calledwicking materials.

Colorfast: A dyed fabric's ability to resist fading due to washing, exposure to sunlight and other environment…

Southern Advertising Blog: Promotional Products- Quality vs Cheap

Southern Advertising Blog: Promotional Products- Quality vs Cheap: When purchasing promotional apparel and items, It is always important to consider what the quality of the item says about your brand.  Som...

Promotional Products- Quality vs Cheap

When purchasing promotional apparel and items, It is always important to consider what the quality of the item says about your brand.  Some cheap items - while useful to fit a budget -  will reflect in a very negative way for your brand if the situation demands higher quality.  You should always ask the question, "Does this product represent who we are and what we want to communicate about our brand?" Here are some pros and cons to varying levels of promotional items

High Quality/Cost Promotional Products

Pros: Great for employee reward or VIP customer gifts Communicate High Value of your brand Great for building strong relationships Often can be done at lower minimum quantities
Cons: High-quality items generally always have higher price points Not always cost effective for large scale giveaways/events

Budget/Affordable Promotional Products

Pros: Great for mass giveaways such as tradeshows and marketing events where this level of giveaway is very common Lower cost means more bang for …

Proofing for custom caps made overseas

Customers always want to know if they will see a proof of their logo, the embroidered caps, and how it will look before mass production. However, this process is fairly intense.

1- Concept to design
2- Virtual proofs
3- Preproduction sample
Concept to design: When you contact us and decide that you want to create a completely custom-made cap, we will go through a concept phase. We will look at your logo, any taglines, and other important design aspects and proceed to incorporate those with the many accessories or options we have with custom-made caps. Below is an example of the initial framework.

Virtual Proofing: Once our team of highly experienced designers gather your information, they produce a mock up of the best possible design and send that virtual back to you. Below is an example.

Preproduction sample: After the virtual is approved, we send this information to the factory and create a preproduction sample.

If you have any concerns or fears about what the end result will be, I hope th…

What is the difference between unstructured VS structured custom caps

So what is the difference between unstructured vs structured caps? 

Many of our customers over the years have asked this question and its a very good one. There are basically two different options with a little variation occasionally in mix of things. 

1) Unstructured 6-panel cap

2) Structured 6-panel cap

Unstructured 6-Panel Cap:

An unstructured custom cap is a cap that does not have a hard internal structure. An unstructured custom cap does not have this firm structure and so it will not hold its shape when it is not being worn. If you look at an unstructured cap when it is laying flat on a table or other surface you will notice that it sort of flops over and lays almost flat.

The above are images of caps that are unstructured and here are some links of caps that we have on our site that unstructured:

Structured 6-panel cap

With a construc…