Proofing for custom caps made overseas

Customers always want to know if they will see a proof of their logo, the embroidered caps, and how it will look before mass production. However, this process is fairly intense.

1- Concept to design
2- Virtual proofs

3- Preproduction sample

Concept to design:
When you contact us and decide that you want to create a completely custom-made cap, we will go through a concept phase. We will look at your logo, any taglines, and other important design aspects and proceed to incorporate those with the many accessories or options we have with custom-made caps. Below is an example of the initial framework.

Virtual Proofing:
Once our team of highly experienced designers gather your information, they produce a mock up of the best possible design and send that virtual back to you. Below is an example.

Preproduction sample:
After the virtual is approved, we send this information to the factory and create a preproduction sample.

If you have any concerns or fears about what the end result will be, I hope the step-by-step information I provided above will alleviate those fears. As intense as this process may be, it is also remarkably creative.

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