Custom Athletic Socks - "Rock the Socks"

You are probably thinking to yourself, did I read that right? Socks? To market my company? No way. But I am going to explain why socks are the perfect way to get your logo out there!

 Over the past five years or so, I have seen a subtle shift in the Christmas gifts I receive from my parents. My first hint that this change was about to take place was my freshman year of college when my mom took one look at my list and told me I needed to ask for real life adult items like pots and pans. During my college years, my gifts became things like having part of my cell phone paid for. This past Christmas was my first since I have officially moved away (I graduated in May) and it was more of the same. “Santa” gave me measuring cups in my stocking.  

While the nature of gifts has changed significantly for me over the past few years, one thing has remained the same: SOCKS. Every single year, each person in my family gets at least one pair of socks in their stocking (kind of humorous if you think about it as stockings are large socks but that is not important). When I was in high school, my brother and I were obsessed with Nike crew socks and now thanks to many basketball seasons and a few extra Elite pairs from Santa, I have more than enough socks with the good ole swish on them. In college, I turned to Smartwool (I went to college in a town where the temperature was consistently in the negatives for at least three months). My current favorite ones are a pair of white socks with the skyline of Boston printed on them.

We all have socks, plenty of them. We all have to wear socks essentially every day. Most of the time, I know which pair of socks I’m looking for before I even open my drawer. The black Nikes, the Boston pair, the purple Smartwool. What if your company could throw their name in the mix? What if your customers, employees or random people on the street went to their sock drawer looking for the socks with YOUR logo on it?

Now you CAN! An item we recently started carrying is custom socks by Stride Line. They come in three styles:
2. Quarter

3. Crew

These premium Strideline socks are made from a high quality cotton with terry pads which combine for a comfortable fit. Each length has a pre-knit base for your design. Not only will people want your socks for the comfort but they will associate these with your company. People will soon be rummaging around in their sock drawer for their “insert your company name” socks. This is a great opportunity to market your organization and subconsciously get your brand into the minds of everyone while also giving people a great pair of socks. It’s a WIN for everyone involved!

By Kim Gendron


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