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“No More Waiting”

When I was in college, if there was one thing that drove me absolutely INSANE is was slow walkers. I would not even consider myself a fast power walker and yet somehow I often found myself stuck behind people who seemed to be moving at a sloth-like pace. It was even worse when there was a group of them taking up the entire sidewalk so there was no way to pass them. I had places to go, things to do and I did not have time to waste walking slowly. 

Here in the United States, we definitely live in a culture that desires rapid movement, immediate gratification, and convenience. We like fast food like McDonald's that is open 24-7 and Amazon Prime that offers 2-day shipping. It is also why we dislike ads on YouTube or long checkout lines at the grocery store. Depending on how much sleep you get each night, you have about 15 to 18 hours per day to be productive. It seems like a lot but when you factor in the essentials like getting ready, work, preparing meals, eating meals and the optionals like working out, reading, seeing friends, watching a little TV, you begin to feel like there is not enough time in your day. So when we find the time to squeeze in a run to the store, we want it to be done in a timely manner. 

Similarly, we know that within businesses, sometimes you just do not have the time to wait weeks or even days for a certain product. You might need something done last minute with a quick turnaround. To help in this process, we offer our free 24-hour service on certain products. We want to help you get high-quality logo printing done quickly in your time of need. 

This 24-hour service is:
With correct artwork - EPS vector art
Recreate artwork (takes 24 hours longer and $25)
NO extra rush charges
Expedited shipping available
One color print only- some products we have 4 color process as well

There is a select group of products that this service applies to (see link below) but you will still find a broad range of items. We understand that businesses need to move fast and we want to be here to provide you with high-quality promotional items when you need them. From pens to mugs to tote bags to umbrellas, we can get them to you quickly. Allow us to help you market your company and brand to potential customers and clients. 

by Kim Gendron



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