Foam Trucker Caps | “The Hat You Didn’t Know You Needed”

by Kim Gedron

“So basic.” When I hear that I immediately think of Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks in the fall with leaves on the ground. Some of you reading this might have no idea what that means and that is okay. It is a term that teenagers use that often applies to people who pursue the trends of pop culture. Which, according to an article I just read, includes liking iced coffee, taking selfies, flannel, scented candles and brunch. So I guess that makes me basic because I live on iced coffee. Interesting.
[In order: Black, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Navy, Red, Royal]

It can also be applied in to a substance that has a pH above 7 (shout out to chem 101 for teaching me that fun fact). However, its more traditional definition is something that is simple or fundamental in nature. All that to say that hats are basic at their core (I really hope you are tracking with me here, if you are not, I apologize). They are quite simply a head covering and if we want to go one step further, a baseball hat is just a cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front.

There are many styles of hats, from mesh back to flat bill to snap back to flexfit. But I want to introduce you to a hat you might have known existed (I honestly never knew how many styles of hats there were but I definitely did not know this type of hat was a thing): the Polyform hat. This hat has a mesh back while the front is made out of polyester  and foam to add a fun and unique touch. It has a snap closure, comes in seven different colors and in sizes for both adults and youth.

This hat is perfect if you are looking to make a splash or mix things up a little. The back is a comfortable mesh material but the foam front gives this hat an old school feel that sets it apart from your classic baseball cap.


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