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3x5”. The size of an index card. Which I know because I love index cards. They were my best friend in high school and in college. I was a big fan of using flashcards to study. I was an even bigger fan of those rare occasions when a teacher would tell the class they could use an index card on the test. An index card, a small 3x5” piece of paper. The nature of this was you could have as much or as little on the index card as you wanted. It all depended on how small you could make your handwriting. I remember one time a kid in my class brought a magnifying glass to the exam with him. That’s how small he made his handwriting on his index card. He needed a magnifying glass to read it. I thought for sure the professor would not let him but I think he was impressed at the guy’s dedication - as he should have been.

While for an 3x5” index card, you wanted to fit as much fine print as you could, the opposite could be said for a 3x5’ logo mat. With a logo mat, you want something simple that catches the customer’s eye as they walk by or over it. People are not going to stop to read what is on a logo mat; the text, if any, needs to be short enough for someone to read it in a glance. Fine print will NOT work on logo mats. The 3x5’ size is one of the smaller sizes offered - therefore the space you have is limited. BUT when utilized correctly, this size mat can serve as a great tool for you and your marketing efforts.

Logo mats can do two different things for your organization. First of all, they are extremely practical. They can prevent slips, falls and help control the dirt that can be brought into a building. They also provide you with an opportunity to get your logo into their minds. You want to utilize those 3-5 seconds they will spend glancing at the mat and the best way to do so is with a large and simple logo.

Our 3x5’ logo mat is a popular item among our customers. The mat is made from non-woven nylon and a durable non-skid rubber backing. Other details include:
Anti-curling technology
Fade-resistant art
Horizontal/vertical orientation
Digital printing that includes 3D imaging, picture detail & shadows
3-inch +/- variations
Washable/clean with vacuum
5 year warranty

This is a great opportunity to further brand your company and we would love to help you with our high quality logo mats!

by Kim Gendron


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