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My sophomore year of high school, I made the girls’ varsity basketball team. This was a huge deal to me at the time because it was my dream to play basketball in college (I’m 5’2” so that dream did not last long, unfortunately). My coach was this goofy guy who could drop the best one-liners but also had no problem making us run suicides for 30 minutes straight. One of his friends who played in the NBA would come to a few practices a week and we loved watching him drain half-court shot after half-court shot like they were free throws. Practices were HARD but it was worth it - we were good (more like “they” because the only thing I was good at was riding the bench).

Our team went undefeated for the first six games or so. Just when we did not think we could get any cooler, our coach surprised us with the team traveling gear. His brother happened to be coaching in the NBA at the time and hooked us up with matching sweats, quarter-zips, duffel bags, sneakers and warm-up shirts. We looked LEGIT. There’s just something about all matching everything that helps unify a team and it certainly made us walk into games with a certain confidence.

This concept can be applied to the working world too. A lot of companies use staff apparel. It gives employees a clean and unified look that can both increase efficiency and offer another subtle way of marketing. Anything with your logo provides an opportunity to get your logo out there and into the minds of people. My dad works for a small tech company that has given him a good amount of t-shirts, sweatshirts and nicer North Face jackets. He wears them in the office, but also when he goes out to the grocery store on random weekends. He has so many that now my mom wears them around.

We carry a lot of different options for staff apparel including shirts, hats, jackets and duffel bags. We have business appropriate button-down and polo shirts but also items that could be worn by employees to their child’s basketball games on Saturdays. Allow us to help you extend your brand beyond just the office. Give your works apparel that they will want to wear even on the weekends. It is a win for them but also a win for you as it extends exposure for your organization.

Kim Gendron


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