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“Where’s your mouthguard?” “Where are your shin guards?” “Where are your goggles?”

These are questions I got asked almost every single practice for eight years. I played both soccer and basketball in high school and lacrosse in college. It was great. What was not great was having to wear all that protective gear. Whether it was shin guards for soccer, a mouth guard for basketball or goggles for lacrosse. I hated it. They were required for games so I avoided wearing them in practices whenever I could. My coaches did not love it but they usually let me get away with it. After all, in the words of Allen Iverson, “we ain’t talking about games, we talkin about practice!”

Even with my refusal to where them during practice, I was still annoyed we had to wear mouthguards and shin guards for games. I thought the rules were silly and that it was pointless. What did a mouthguard do for me besides impede my ability to breathe when I was running and communicate with my teammates? Well after a few kicks to the shins without guards and you start to understand why. Then I had to suffer through a year with braces and I was a lot more willing to wear a mouthguard at all times. I did not want anything happening to my teeth so I wanted to protect them, a good idea when you play sports with fast moving balls getting thrown or kicked at you.

Just as protecting my teeth or my shins in high school was important, so is your responsibility to protect your employees. Work can be dangerous and we want to help you provide your workers with clothing that will help them stay safe on the job. We have a wide variety of apparel with reflective tape that allow for high visibility.

Our selective of vests, shirts and jackets:
Are compliant with strict safety ratings
Have reflective tape that can withstand the elements
Have intense color saturation for optimal visibility
Have 360 degree reflective surfaces
Are snag resistant
Are made of moisture control materials

Our safety gear can be embroidered with your logo, allowing you to continue to brand your company as you work to keep your employees safe. Allow us to partner with you in this opportunity.

by Kim Gendron


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