Why Customized Mugs?


Customized Mugs 


Why Mugs?

Customers (and potential customers) like getting gifts. Everyone likes to get something a little extra. It's even nicer to get a little something that is useful, this is where personalized mugs come in. A mug with your custom logo is a highly useful product that quietly displays your brand.  Mugs are highly usable while at the same time discretely displaying your logo. Customers use what the see or know, so if your logo is on the mug they grab for their afternoon caffeinated beverage, it creates a familiarity which leads to branding which leads to more jobs for you.  Customized promotional products, such as mugs, have the potential to boost your brand recognition. 

    High Frequency Use
      • Over 50% of adults drink either coffee or tea 
      • Can be used every day potential multiple times a day
      • They can be used for a long time; potentially thousands of times over the life of the mug
                                                                                         Ceramic Mugs

      • Mugs are relatively inexpensive way to get your personalized logo out in the hands of potential customers

   Great surface area for a detailed logo
      • Mugs have a relatively large smooth surface area, this makes them great for a high level of detail. So if your logo is intricate, they are a great option

        • They can be used for more than just beverages, they are great for holding pens, pencils, candies, or small office supplies
        • Can be used at the office, in the car, or at home

    Discreet advertising
      • Customers use what they know, but they also don't typically like to be overtly reminded.  A mug is a great non-obtrusive way for your custom logo to be seen, but quietly. 
                                                                                    Contigo Water Bottles
Things to remember...

Choose a high quality product so your personalized logo can remain safely visible through lots of washing
Remember, put your best foot forward, make sure it's a great mug that they will choose for their afternoon pick me up!


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